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Fantasy Holiday Romance

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Christmas at her childhood home usually ends with Klara getting tipsy with her eccentric godfather. The night she was caught in the middle of a battle between a prince and a madman? That had to have been a dream. Being flung into a wondrous realm of fairies, magick, danger, and desire? Feels more real than her world ever did.

Prince Jaemis can claim no future, cursed by Mogran the Mouse King, cut off from his kingd
om. Dark magick brought a dream come true in the middle of his waking nightmare. Klara is everything he wants and cannot have, but she must return to her realm before it is too late, before the veil between their worlds is no more. He doesn't want something to live for, when all he's marked for is death.

Klara's destiny is tied to the prince's somehow, and also to a sinister plot neither of them will fathom.
It's a battle to survive, to separate friend from foe, and to uncover secrets of the past that could change the future.

Because, as they say, true love is something more than a fairytale...

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