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Immortal Forsaken Series

   Chains cannot hold his fate


About to be swiftly executed for an unforgivable crime he didn't commit, Marex Daulton has accepted his fate is sealed as long as he remains chained to the wall. That is until he receives a visitor who will change his fate forever.

     He is an immortal forsaken...



A life among the royals has brought Dison huxford wealth and status...but neither brought him anything to be proud of. When a good deal goes bad, he's forced to go on the run from his dangerously powerful client and leave life as he knows it behind. That is until a woman from his past catches up to him.

     He is an immortal forsaken...


Bored and restless, Fitz expects nothing but the best view in the city when he jumps to the roof of a local hospital. When a beautiful patient with a heartbreaking diagnosis shows up, He's drawn to her like no other. he wars with his need and desire, unable to resist seducing her long into the night. But they can't be together; he has plans and they do not include her. That is, until he discovers, she'd been part of the plan all along.

     He is an immortal forsaken...

Rhemy June 20 copy.png
   The Gods Cannot Deny Him

Rhemy Carrington knows trouble when he sees it, and when he sees Taelour on his security camera, he can't help it...He goes looking for trouble. He wants her so badly he can taste it, but what she wants, even he can't provide, and to help her would be to put everything he holds dear on the line. And suddenly, what is dear, is having her, even if the gods damn him for it...

     He is an immortal forsaken...

Aleck New Final.jpg
A Dark Heart Cannot Reject True Love

A loner, a vigilante, A brother and son, Aleck Trevyn lives 

by his own set of dark rules. He's accomplished what no other has been able to by finding evidence Marex Daulton was wrongfully accused. His next task? A companion for the first unavowed auction for The Centurias. Should be simple enough. Until he meets Istelle. And things become very, very complicated. 

     He is an immortal forsaken...

Shain Logo Final.jpg
Forbidden love that cannot be ended

Shain Trevyn loved a wolf shifter with all his heart and soul. He abandoned his life among the elite to be with her, and together they went on the run. They were happy, for a time, and then she left him, claiming she'd met her destined mate. Devastated, he lives alone, needing nothing and no one near him. That is until Marex Daulton shows up, telling him a shocking truth: It was all a lie. 

     He is an immortal forsaken...

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